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ABOUT Maura McDonnell Art

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Carton Avenue, Maynooth. Artwork by Maura McDonnell.
Available as Archival Fine Art Print

I love to create art. My process is to work with what is around me - a local scenery spot, a still life, a person sitting on a chair, nature and the seasons and or a poem, concept, abstract idea and  symbols.   I then set about adding to these scenes  colour combinations, weaving into the artwork snippets of light, line, shadow and contrast to make the image both abstract and real

Maura McDonnell works with photography, video and digital effects and , and she experiments with a range of media, artforms, techniques and approaches.   Maura has developed a  unique style as a result of years of creating abstract films for music. She loves to explore colour, light and form  in a hybrid of abstraction and reality.  Maura also creates abstract art, abstract video for music and is also an iconographer, working in the Byzantine tradition.


Living in the lovely university town of Maynooth, Ireland, has been a great source of inspiration - from the tree lined avenue to the college spire and the general town business.  

Making the ordinary extraordinary

My art takes a few paths

Original Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Fantastical worlds of colour on local scenes and abstract forms.

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I paint, draw, and take photographs of the ordinary things around me, a street scene, a view through a tree lined avenue, swans on a canal.  I have various techniques  I use.  One is to use digital effects to create new extraordinary worlds adding colour and texture that brings out an extraordinary freshness, sparkle and startling aspect of the scene.  I print these digital images onto archival paper with the highest quality pigments inks to make  fine art prints whose uniqueness will have value for you and your future as an art investment.

Abstract Film 

Abstract Film for Art Galleries and Music Concerts


I create abstract films that explores music such as musical expression and musical ideas.  These are works that create a close relationship to the music soundtrack or music performance work.  They are best shown large scale as projected imagery and sound in a music concert or gallery space.  I use digital technologies to create these films, and experiment with a range of techniques, from special effects, to coding to generative processes.  I call these works a visual music.  They also work beautifully in a film screening setting.


Collaborations with composers, songwriters, musicians and ensembles

Adventurous Visuals for Music Performance Concerts

I collaborate with amazing musicians, composers, and artists and scientists to create moving images or what I call visual music images for music concert settings.  I create adventurous visuals for music concerts and exhibitions.  

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Maura's Motto for Creating Art

Surround yourself with beautiful art that brings you invigorating and sensual colour and allows you to step into an extraordinary enchanting scene. 

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