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Title of Work: Digital Alchemy 

Visuals: Maura McDonnell
Music: Cobi van Tonder
Year Made: 2018

Maura McDonnell  - Abstract Digital Film  & Visual Music

Visual Music Expression 

I have been creating abstract film art works since 1997, when I did my Masters in Music and Media Technology and I learned how to work with digital video and audio effects, computer programming and all kinds of digital art wizardry.  I completed my PhD on Visual Music at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in 2019.  A visual music artwork is incredibly exciting to make as its designed and crafted to emulate music expression. I also continue to research on the field of visual music and lecture a course on visual music to students attending  the M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College, Dublin and I  have been very proud and honoured to see so many talented people engage both with music and with visual music and audiovisual art and to continue to find their own forms of artistic expression and creative use of technology.


My abstract film artworks are really flexible and work for a variety of art culture settings - such as in a new music concert, a film screening or an art installation but equally work wonderfully in commercial or healthcare settings - anywhere that you want to project a multi-sensory experience of beautiful moving images and sounds.  Of course, all films have been subject to my riotous colour treatment.  In these films I want to immerse you in beautiful colours and forms that will  wrap you into a gorgeous experience. 

Projects, Collaborations, Commissions

If you would like to enquire about exhibition, licence, commission, collaboration, curation and writing, I'd love to hear from you, please get in touch or sign up for my newsletter for latest news.  Contact Page.

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