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Maura McDonnell's art practice brings her to many artforms, technologies, people, places and spaces.   Since discovering the power of combining visuals (digitally manipulated images and video) in the genre of abstract film, with music in 1997 and added to that her process of making the visual composition in the manner of how a musician might compose with sound, many of her projects are in this field.  She refers to this practice as being a visual music art.  Many of these projects are collaborative.  Maura also crafts special design projects from time to time.  Get in touch here if you would like to chat.  A selection of recent projects are presented here.

Selection of Projects - Maura McDonnell Art

Extraordinary Colour Sensations on Music and Sound

by Maura McDonnell

Maura McDonnell Art
Video for Music Compositions and Performance

Music and Sound,
Contemporary New Music,
Electronic Music,
Abstract Music,
Classical Music,
Adventurous Music,
Music Performance,
Art Installation

Audiovisual Composition
Visuals for Music Concert Performance

Visuals for Music Compositions

Visual Music

Commissions and Collaborations

Design Work


Video Player of selection of works from projects and collaborations

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