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Visuals for Scriabin

Piano: Svetlana Rudenko. Visuals: Maura McDonnell.
with paintings by Timothy B. Layden and Svetlana Rudenko

Music: Piano Sonata N5, op. 53, F-sharp major by Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915)

Pianist: Svetlana Rudenko

Visuals and Animation: Maura McDonnell

featuring paintings by: Svetlana Rudenko and Timothy B. Layden

Year Made: 2019


Classical musical narrative, symbolism and abstract visual music on A. Scriabin's Piano Sonata N5., op. 53, F-sharp minor


Live Performances and Concert

19th September, 2022, John Field Room, NCH, Dublin

National Concert Hall, Dublin, John Field Room Piano Concert by Svetlana Rudenko

Title of Concert: “Jack B. Yeats AR and other Art Music”

The concert featured original piano music composed on the Art of Jack B. Yeats by Dr Svetlana Rudenko and performed by Svetlana. Also in the program: Scriabin, Sonata N5 Op. 53, with visuals by Maura McDonnell F. Chopin, Ballade N1 Op. 23, with Art by Ninghui Xiong S. Rachmaninov, selected Preludes Op. 32.

Psychogeography with Jack B. Yeats by Mads Haahr

The performance combines classical music with visuals to create a new way to experience classical music.

16th October, 2019. Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Classical Music Concert with piano performance by Svetlana Rudenko and Live Visuals by Maura McDonnell on A. Scriabin's Piano Sonata N5, op. 53, F-sharp major as part of the Gala Opening ceremony for the IASAS confernce on Synaesthesia. Synaesthesia: Cross-Sensory Aspects held in Moscow in 2019.

The Concert was performed and programmed by Svetlana and explored synaesthesia and cross-sensory aspects across cognition and art of music and included music to accompany art works by Ninghui Xiong, Timothy Layden, Esther McMahon, Geri Hahn and Ann Le Pore.

16th April, 2019. Concert - Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

Katherine Brennan Hall, Royal Irish Academy of Music, Dublin

Title of concert: Cognitive Musicology via Synaesthesia

Concert organiser and author: Svetlana Rudenko

Program: A. Scriabin: Piano Sonata N5 op.53,

S. Rachmaninoff: extracts from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini op. 43,

E. Granados: Trio op. 50,

T. Doyle: Bealtaine Suite (Irish Traditional)

Visual Artists: Maura McDonnell, TCD, Pheobe Sun

Gesture Choreography: Valentina Gaia Lops

Svetlana Rudenko, piano

Tim Doyle, violin

Annette Cleary, cello

Roisin Ni Bhriain, flute

Coordinators: Dr Áine Kelly, Dr Richard Roche

Art Image: Timothy Layden

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