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Visuals for Liszt

Svetlana Rudenko, Timothy B. Layden, Jamie Ward, Maura McDonnell

Music: B-minor Piano Sonata by Franz Liszt

Pianist: Svetlana Rudenko

Art: Timonthy Layden

Collaborator: Jamie Ward

Visuals and Animation: Maura McDonnell

Year Made: 2021

Dr Svetlana Rudenko is a highly talented and regard concert pianist, who collaborates with several artists for her music concerts.  Svetlana invited me to create a visual music animation video that incorporated a video of a performance of Svetlana performing Liszt and explored synaesthesia and art ideas.


The brief was to also animate several paintings by the artist Timothy  B. Layden and include a musicological analysis of the music by Svetlana based on her knowledge of the piece and her own experience of performing it.  ThePremiere of the video performance was held during  Brain Awareness Week 2021.

Svetlana's website:


Timothy B. Layden Website

Jamie Ward

VIDEO: Piano: Svetlana Rudenko, Paintings: Timothy B. Layden, Animationa and Video: Maura McDonnell


29th October 2022, Spain


Teatro Martinez Montanes, Alcalá la Real (Jaén), Spain.

29th October, 2022.

Piano performance by Svetlana Rudenko with a range of art music project collaborations with Mads Haahr, Ninghui Xiong, Timothy  B. Layden, Maura McDonnell, Michael Haverkamp

Concert and video of concert produced by VII International Congress Synesthesia, Science & Art. 26-29 October 2022. The digital/physical challenge. (Live+Digital Conference). Granada y Alcalá la Real (Jaén). España. 26-29 October 2022

The Live Performance of the Liszt Piano Sonata (performed by Svetlana Rudenko) with Visuals by Maura McDonnell can be viewed in this full video of the concert. (The Liszt piece starts at around 14'32" into the video).

Conference website: More information on the conference:

2021, BNA 2021

Online concert

BNA 2021 Music Consciousness & Synaesthesia Conference

Project Gallery

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