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Visuals for electronic duo SYLK

Visuals Irish Electronic Duo - SYLK

Track Title: Intro - NWYR Music: Irish Electonic Duo 'SYLK' Visuals: Maura McDonnell

Year Made: 2017

SYLK are an electronic duo (and collective) based in Dublin. Formed in 2016, band members Bebhinn McDonnell (music) and Taylor Doyle (vocals) showcase a distorted black and white sound along with noise, harmony and entrancing visuals.  SYLK invited me to create visuals that explore a musical expression.  

Being the mother of Bebhinn (one half of SYLK) and knowing Taylor very well, I was very happy to be involved.  I was asked to  respond to a stylistic but open brief and to add my visual music approach.

Words from SYLK: "An empty carpark with neon lights. so abandoned. candles. hypnotic. chilling world. experimental world. noise. going with the flow of the bass. flickering. colours. slow moving. empty. happy.  alone." 

Prepared for SYLK's EP Launch of their album NWYR at Discotekken Wah Wah Club, Dublin, 2017 

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