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Intentional Artwork

Maura McDonnell Art was commissioned by Wizard & Grace to create a series of minimalist drawings for a range of intention stationery products.

Wizard & Grace commissioned Maura do a series of drawings for a range of intention stationery products. These drawings, were of Celtic Goddesses with each one representing some part of Irelands ancient culture and to bring a celebration of the energy of the female - the goddess within us all. The owner of Wizard & Grace, (who is also Maura's sister) makes intentional candles with the finest materials and essential oils and to support this, they sourced the printers Badly Made Books to print these designs into notebooks, a 2024 diary and cards.

Printed with restraint by Badly Made Books, Cork wirh original artwork from Kildare artist Maura McDonnell (sister of Wizard & Grace founder).

Tape-bound, lay-flat, recycled, paperback journal. Choose from original artwork depicting one of four Celtic goddesses:

Cliodhna - Goddess of the Ocean

Rhiannon - Goddess of the Moon

Queen Medb - a true warrior leader of Connaught

Brigid of Kildare - associated with spring fertility and animals

An All Ireland product. Dreamed up in Kinsale, Drawn in Kildare, Printed & bound in Cork city.

- 112 pages

- 140 gsm cartridge paper (80% used coffee cups)

- >80% recycled content

- Risograph printed in fluorescent pink 

- Back pocket & bookmark fold 


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