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Original limited edition fine art print by Maura McDonnell from her Allium Flower collection of digital paintings printed with pigment inks on premium fine art papers. Archival mounts and

/or backing boards supplied bringing you a top quality artwork, ready to gift and frame.

Fine Art Print - Allium Blue

PriceFrom €30.00
  • The Allium Blue artwork is printed from an original digital painting from Allium flowers that were growing in the artist's garden.  

    This picture has a beautiful colour scheme of deep soft blue, pink, lilac, green and wine which is appealing and uplifting and it would make an original art gift or it will enhance your living and work spaces as well as bringing you extra specialness in the lovely floral arrangement.  Look out for the tiny love heart sparkles.   Allium flowers represent prosperity and support when starting something new and so this artwork can be used to give as a luxurious and meaningful gift.  I love it when art can be beautiful and also be a symbol for positive motivations.