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Summer Fair at St Mary's BNS Maynooth

Updated: Jul 2

Maura will have an art stall at Maynooth Summer Fair 2024
Maynooth Summer Fair 2024 - BNS Maynooth

The summer fair was held on the 23rd June 2024 at St Mary's BNS Maynooth and it was a really fun day. I set up my very first art stall amongst other crafters and makers in the school hall. It is a really lovely new school in the heart of the town. Teachers and helpers were amazing and I had a very good assistant. I was very happy that parents, visitors and children engaged with my art, asking questions and commenting on the art, I also got to chat with young budding artists that like art. I sold a lot of prints particularily of Maynooth town but also some of my favourite abstract cum real art of Leitrim Fields as well. I will be stocking many of the new prints I had at the stall on my online shop soon. I donated one of my Maynooth Main Street Prints in a beautiful off white wooden frame for their school fundraising efforts.

Unique, original, locally and Irish made art by Maura McDonnell Art



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