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Maura McDonnell Art


Sea Waiting

Who doesn't love the sea. That quality of air freshness, movement, constant change, containment. We go there to rest, recuperate, holidays, sailing, swimming. However, it always has a quality of expectancy - the promise of another land out yonder. We travel, migrate, move, trade on the sea. It has particular poignancy now as refugees rely on it to escape dire circumstances in the land of their birth. When I was a child we crossed the Irish Sea to move to Ireland from Manchester, my parents are Irish they were moving home, but I was moving country to a new life, a new way of doing things, a new culture, the sea that day was grey, green and a bit scary, the skies were grey and full of rain. The sea crossing and the entry into the port of Dún Laoghaire means that this port has a lot of personal significance. This sketch has been created from sketches and work processes built on photographs I have taken at this port. That sense of waiting. Even when I took this photo I was waiting. Title of this sketch: Waiting. (c) Maura McDonnell Art, 2024

(c) Maura McDonnell Art 2024. Sketch: Waiting


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