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Maynooth Streetscape - #2

This is the first set of artworks for my next Maynooth Collection #2 of fine art prints, based on the town where I live - Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland. In this collection, I am really pushing the colour render and experimenting with a very spectral style of colour injection. My artwork process consists of taking many photographs, working with them in the computer, drawing and sketching the scene, colouring in and then layering drawings and the photos to create a complex result. This photograph was taken in winter and you can see below my first experiment with it. More of these are to come and are in development.

Maura McDonnell Art Maynooth Colleciton #2
Maynooth Main Street - with dramatic sky

I take photos every day usually and I never tire of taking photos of Maynooth town and it’s street scenes. There are lots of silhouettes and always a dramatic sky.

Original and unique art by Maura McDonnell art bringing you extraordinary colour.

(c) Maura McDonnell Art 2024

(c) Maura McDonnell Art - Developing new fine art prints on Maynooth Town


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