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Celtic Symbols and Beautiful Fragrances

Updated: Apr 30

Wizard & Grace commissioned me to make artworks based on celtic symbols and mythology especially on Irish Goddesses themes. The make beautiful luxurious sustainable essential oil candle that are scented ONLY with natural Essential Oils and blended into sustainable Rapeseed & Coconut wax for a beautiful clean toxin-free burn. My sister Paula is the founder of Wizard & Grace, and in true sister fashion, my other sister Sharon, my husband Cyril and I helped Paula set up her stand for Showcase 2024, lots of nailing, hammering and packing and unpacking.

Wizard & Grace designed a gorgeous stand and had a lot of trade and interaction. Paula founded this company in 2021. And it is going from strength to strength. Now she has eight beautifully scented candles in the range. Each one packaged with gorgeous colours and the most amazing set of words and intentions to accompany the candle. The experience starts with the word. Candles are titled beautifully from Buiochas (Gratitude), Bandia (Goddess), Draiocht (Magic) - beautiful starting points. And if you are anything like me I love reading the packaging there is os much beautiful intentions and affirmations to consider as well as information about ingredients and sustainability. Well done Paula, I am very proud of you. I am also very proud to have also been a little part of the Wizard & Grace product development, where I designed several artworks that have been used on their gift bundles. The gift bundles consists of a card, notebook and candle. Each themed around a celtic female figure, such as Rhiannon, Cliodhna, Queen Medb, and St Brigid.

Maura McDonnell Art - Rhianon Symbol
Drawing the symbol based on the Goddess Rhianon for Wizard and Grace cards and notebooks



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