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The Maynooth Collection

Fine Art Prints by Maura McDonnell

My commission list is full at present. Contact me to be put on my wait list to commission me to do a custom art piece, working with my aesthetic and style of artmaking for fine art print or a video piece for music.

I am happy to present to you a picture gallery of the artworks that belong to my first collection of fine art prints. These artworks are being prepared as super high quality Fine Art Prints using fine art giclée print making which uses archival paper and archival pigment ink.

Image on display in the website are watermarked. The watermark will not show in purchased prints

CALENDAR 2024 available to purchase now, featuring artworks from the Maynooth Collection

Maura McDonnell Art Carton Avenue Art Print_edited.jpg

Carton Avenue Walk

Carton Avenue, Maynooth, a beautiful tree-lined avenue at the top of main street.  

Maura McDonnell Art Court House Square Maynooth Art Print_edited.jpg

Coffee at Courthouse Square

The courthouse square in the centre of the town is a great place to stop for a coffee and bun.

Maura McDonnell Art Sharon Art Print_edited.jpg

Sharon Contemplates the Street

This part of the main street is busy as its the main Dublin Bus Stop that everyone uses. Sharon contemplates it all.

Maura McDonnell Art Main Street Maynooth Art Print_edited.jpg

Street Corner Café

Maynooth has loads of quality places to eat, this street corner café on the main street 

Maura McDonnell Art Harbour Canal Maynooth Art Print_edited.jpg

The Canal Harbour

The harbour near the train station and part of the canal has its own swans next in the centre.

Maura McDonnell Art Skyline Maynooth Art Print_edited.jpg

Town Skyline

One day I captured the most magical skyline of perfect light and shadow across a Maynooth town skyline

Maura McDonnell Art Carton Boathouse Art Print_edited.jpg

The Boathouse, Carton

The historical boathouse and artificial lake has many viewing points with which to take in the beautiful view 

Maura McDonnell Art Castle Maynooth Art Print_edited.jpg

Maynooth Castle

The historical castle ruins amongst trees and off the street, creates a striking presence in town life.

Maura McDonnell Art Spire Maynooth Art Print_edited.jpg

St Patrick's College Spire, Maynooth

Any one who has been student or staff or local in Maynooth knows the sheer majestic presence of the Chapel Spire.

All images © 2020-2023 Maura McDonnell

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