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This page is an archive page for many types of technology, website production and design projects I worked on from 1996 onwards.

My First Portfolio Website - 2002

I built this website - my portfolio website in 2002.  I hosted it on my free Eircom Internet Provider account.  Eircom was the main provider of domestic internet services and it was telecoms/ modem based diall up.  Who can remember that lovely modem dialling sound when you connected to the internet.

Website Link:

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 16.00.25.png

Visual Music Lecture Website - 2003

In 2002, I created a web page using my free Eircom hosting account.  It was an illustrated and linked lecture and I found it useful to prepare so that students could easily access links and I had access to this lecture page from any location (I was commuting 50 miles to work at the time).   I gathered together what I could find on the topic of visual music and colour and sound.  It was a voyage of discovery at the time and an amazing experience to research all these topics.

Website Link:

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 16.11.54.png

Family Website - OMG - early facebook idea

Again in 2002 with my trusty free Eircom host account I built a type of fun events page for family and a way to keep in touch with my sister Paula who had gone to Australia for a year.  My family keep saying to me - my idea of a form which we all could access and input and it would print to the page ( a type of guestbook technology) was the first facebook.  OK Facebook, META time for some acknowledgement!!!!

Website Address:

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