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Extraordinary Colour Sensations
Maura McDonnell Artist

Bringing you Artworks full of Colourful, Familiar Scenes with Original Fine Art Prints.  Inspiring Irish Streets and Local Landmarks. 

3 McDonnell_MaynoothMainStreet_edited.jpg
3 McDonnell_MaynoothMainStreet_edited.jpg

Shop the Maynooth Collection

Original Fine Art Prints and Calendars of contemporary Irish Streetscapes and places carefully hand crafted by Maura McDonnell Art especially for you.  First collection based on the town of Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Artworks that bring you extraordinary colour sensations,  a sense of nostalgia and belonging, and recognition and celebration of Irish Life and its amazing light, people, places and spaces. A unique and special Christmas gift.

2024 Limited Edition Fine Art Calendar and Fine Art Print available to order now

Maura McDonnell Art - Original Fine Art Works crafted in Maynooth 

Photograph of Maura McDonnell holding one of her fine art prints

Are you ready for some extraordinary colour sensations?

Artworks that can awaken in you sensations of cheerfulness, abundance and fabulousness as if you have just come across the most gorgeous view and have to pause to let it in.

Let a beautiful artwork make your heart sing, bring wellness, fun and joy.  

Maura McDonnell is happy to bring her artworks to you for you to treasure and enjoy, from fine art prints to calendars to sensational visual music works and abstract films. 

3 McDonnell_MaynoothMainStreet_edited.jpg

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(c) Maura McDonnell Art
Autumn Trees, Drawing and Marker

I am thrilled you’ve come to visit my website and I hope you enjoy the artworks, news of projects and artworks that are for sale.  I love to work with colour with a range of media and means from paint to film, to abstract animation to digital effects photography.  I would love you to enjoy any artwork you buy from me and to really come to love the amazing mood enhancing aspect that a colourful artwork can bring to our everyday lifes.  That is why my fine art prints deal with just that - everyday life, scenes, spaces and places in which I dip into colourful sparkles and which I now give to you to enjoy.  I make art with what is around me and Ireland is an extraordinary beautiful place with amazing people living here.  I am very proud to be living in Maynooth town, but I travel too and hope to do works on many other towns and Irish places.  Sometimes the most extraordinary scene is just a street corner with an amazing shaft of winter sunlight or the last few yellow leaves on an autumn tree.

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Maura's Motto for Creating Art

Surround yourself with beautiful art that brings you invigorating and sensual colour and allows you to step into an extraordinary enchanting scene. 

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