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Celebrate Spring

Background Image: Street Corner, Maynooth, featured in 2023 Calendar 

Maura McDonnell Art

Artist & Animator
Digital Art, Abstract Film, Poetry, Painting, Drawing
Visual Music
Academic Research

Photograph of Maura McDonnell holding one of her fine art prints

Extraordinary Colour Sensations
Art Works with a Musical Expression


Are you ready for some extraordinary colour sensations?

Artworks that can awaken in you sensations of cheerfulness, abundance and fabulousness as if you have just come across the most gorgeous view and have to pause to let it in.

Let a beautiful artwork make your heart sing, bring wellness, fun and joy.  

Maura McDonnell is happy to bring her artworks to you for you to treasure and enjoy, from fine art prints to visual music works and sensational abstract films. 

Greeting Card
Original Art
Maura McDonnell

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A Greeting Card celebrating Spring in Ireland and St Brigid's Cross. 

Maura McDonnell, Conservatory of Music, Moscow.  Photograph by Svetlana Rudenko

Maura McDonnell, Moscow Conservatory, 2019. 
Photograph by Pianist Svetlana Rudenko

A little about me

I am thrilled you’ve come to visit my showcase of work that I’ve compiled over the years, which includes a combination of abstract films, fine art prints, visual music works, visuals for musicians and composers, collaborations, commissioned work and personal projects.


Since discovering the art field of visual music in 1997, I have mainly  been creating visual art with a musical expression. I have worked hard to explore this field of artistic activity both as a practicing artist, researcher and lecturer and this has brought me all over the world to create and share visuals for music settings.  It is only very recently, I have discovered that my digital images can be output to high quality fine art prints with archival pigment inks and archival paper, in other words, amazing colour and quality.  
I like to capture the sheer intrigue and beauty of the colour and texture and music by capturing these beautiful things in my art works and look forward to sharing them with you in print form.  

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Maura's Motto for Creating Art

Surround yourself with beautiful art that brings you invigorating and sensual colour and allows you to step into an extraordinary enchanting scene. 

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